29 Oct 2013

What Else Can Happen?!!!

You may recall in a previous post that trouble with Internet speed delayed the release of Episode 2 of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast.

We expected to have the second episode ready for release today but guess what?

There's been another delay!!!!

Everything was ready to go for the interview with Gordon Kay of Doing Biz when we received a call to say that a family member had been diagnosed with an illness that requires immediate medical attention.

As you can appreciate, as soon as we received this message, everything else was put on hold.

We are committed to making your business life just that little bit easier, but nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of a family member, so our total focus at the moment is to ensure that this person receives the medical attention that they deserve.

We are hoping to reschedule the interview for next week, but if it takes a little longer this is simply because we are unable to find the time to conduct the interview due to our (now heavier) schedules.

The past week has highlighted why we made the decision to commence the BookPals project in the first place - we all hear about how busy it is running your own business, but when you add to this those little "surprises" that impact on our personal lives, the less time we have to spend behind computers doing things like business bookkeeping the better.

22 Oct 2013

Poor Internet Speed - Aargh!!!

Yesterday was supposed to see the release of Episode 2 of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast.

For those of you who listened to Episode 1, you will know that our guest for Episode 2 is Gordon Kay from Doing Biz.

Gordon is a business coach based in South Australia and we are going to have a chat about the benefits of having a coach and mentor to help make your business life just that little bit easier.

Everything was ready for an early morning online chat, but when we "hooked" up with one another he could hardly hear a word I was saying, even though I could hear him fine.

After almost 4 hours of checking everything we possibly could, we had to reschedule our interview due to other commitments that we had that day and today we found out what the problem was - poor Internet upload speed at my end!!!!

The good news is that I will catch up with Gordon Kay in person next week, so we will have our chat about business coaching then and Episode 2 of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast will be available for you shortly afterwards.

We will make sure that we let you know when the podcast is ready for you to listen to it, but in the meantime, why not subscribe to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast in iTunes - there are some really interesting interviews planned for the future and this way, you don't have to bother with checking to see when they are released.

10 Oct 2013

Things Are Starting To Get Serious!!!

We have got to a point with the BookPals launch where it is time to get a developer on board to help us.

The difficulty with a development of this type is that when you first come up with an idea like BookPals it seems relatively easy to put the specs together, get the system created and then get the product launched, but once the project gets underway and you start taking into account everything that is required to create the kind of product that the market is demanding of you, you begin to realise that there is much more involved in the rollout than you first thought.

One big benefit of bringing others into a project like this is that when you are as close to the product as the BookPals' founders are, you begin to realise that having "another set of eyes" looking at the project can highlight "gaps" in the system that may have been missed.

We spoke to a potential developer earlier this week and things are looking most promising for him to "come on board" and help us with the BookPals development.

Are there any aspects of your business that could be improved, or enhanced, if you had an "outsider" take a look at them to give you some "fresh" ideas?

5 Oct 2013

The Importance Of "Downing Tools"!!

This week has been a significant week in BookPals, but for different reasons than you would expect.

Everyone involved in BookPals has had the week off, so no "real" work has been done on the BookPals project!!!

One of the directors has been away on a four wheel drive expedition and the other has been hosting visitors from interstate and it has highlighted an aspect of running your own business that often gets overlooked - the importance of "downing tools"!!!

As business owners, we often forget the importance of having "time off" with family and friends because we get so focussed on running our business.

What we forget is a little "down time" not only gives us time to rejuvenate, but it also frees up our minds which can often result in the next "great idea" for our business.

How often are you "downing tools" and if you're not, why not?

Who knows - a couple of days rest and relaxation may be all you need to help you propel your business into its next level of success.