22 Jan 2014

Anyone For An Interview?

We hope by now that you have subscribed to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast.

If you have not, we would encourage you to do so, because the podcast only started a little over 8 weeks ago and already there have been guests interviewed that have provided hints and tips that can only be described as "business gems".

There have also been over 2000 people visit the podcast website at the time of this posting, so we must be doing something right!!!!

The podcast episodes are released on a fortnightly basis, as our intent is not to bombard you with information like some of those other podcasts out there - every two weeks you can listen to someone new who is having success in their chosen field and we will ask them to provide you with hints and tips to help make your business life just that little bit easier.

By keeping our podcast releases to once a fortnight, not only will you be able to find time in your busy schedule to listen to them, but better still, you will have the chance to start implementing the hints and tips that are provided and lets face it, isn't that why you're listening to these interviews in the first place?

If you run your own business and are looking for a place to let more people know about your products and services, we would love to talk to you about an interview on our podcast.

We are constantly looking for people who will share their business journey with others so that other business owner's lives become just that little bit easier, so if you would like to take part in an interview (and of course you will have ample opportunity to promote your business during our discussion) please contact us and lets talk.

20 Jan 2014

An Audience With Management "Royalty"

Are you a business owner who believes that the hardest part of your job is finding and managing good staff?

If so, then the latest episode of BookPals Business Sanity is just for you, because in this episode you will meet Mark Horstman, co-founder of Manager Tools.

Manager Tools has the number one management podcast in the world - their podcasts are downloaded over 150,000 times a week and since they started - back in 2005 - their podcast episodes have been downloaded almost 200 million (that's right - million!!!) times by people all around the world, so to say that the information Manager Tools provides has been "well received" is an understatement.

In this episode of BookPals Business Sanity Mark talks about what they call the Manager Tools Trinity where you, as a business owner trying to better manage your staff, will learn how to implement a system that will make managing your staff much more effective.

Grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back and listen to this interview with Mark Horstman of Manager Tools - it is "Management Gold".

15 Jan 2014

Another Milestone Was Reached Today!!!!

Today marked the day that the BookPals Business Sanity podcast had its 2000th visitor to its website!!!!

Taking into account the fact that the podcast series only started 8 weeks ago, we are honoured that so many people have taken time out of their busy schedules to pay our website a visit, so thank you if you are one of those people who have checked out what BookPals Business Sanity is all about.

The feedback we have received about the podcasts has been most positive so we are glad that you are enjoying them and we hope that if you are a business owner yourself, the information being provided is making your business life just that little bit easier.

We would encourage you to subscribe to the podcast series in iTunes if you have not already done so, because over the coming weeks and months we have some wonderful guests that we are talking to - everyone from the co-founder of the largest Management podcast series in the world right through to a local Accountant who will show you how having the right people around you can really help you take your business to the "next level" (and we promise the words "Debit", "Credit" and "Journal Entry" are never mentioned at any point during the interview!!!! LOL).

We are always looking for more people to interview, so if you believe you (or someone you know) can help business owners make their business lives just that little bit easier, we would love to hear from you.

Simply drop us a line via our Contact Page and lets talk.

6 Jan 2014

Is ThisThe Year To Promote Your Services Online?

Was your New Year's resolution to let more customers know about your services and make more profit in your business?

Did you decide that the best way to do this is by promoting your services online?

If your answer is "Oh Yeah!!" then the latest episode of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast series is just for you, because in this episode we talk to James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.com.

James and his team at SuperFastBusiness.com can help you with everything from building a new website right through to promoting your services online.

In this podcast episode James talks specifically about how SuperFastBusiness.com can help you if you run a professional services business.

James explains how to set up your website so that more people looking for your services can find it, what to talk about on your website so that more people will want to contact you and how you can make your services stand out from the crowd when you promote your services online.

Sit back and enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity and remember, as always, there is no need to take notes, because an audio transcription is available for you to download after listening to the podcast.