17 Mar 2014

Are You Looking For Ways To Attract Hundreds - If Not Thousands - Of People To Your Website?

If you are looking for ways for hundreds - if not thousands - of people to find out about your products and/or services, then today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity is a "must listen to" episode, because today, you meet Sean Kaye of RapidActionPodcasting.com.

Sean talks about the power of podcasting and how it allows you to market your business to anyone, anywhere in the world.

He also talks about his Rapid Action Podcasting course, where he teaches you how to create and launch your very own podcast and when you hear how cost effective this course is, I am sure you will agree that this course has to be put on your "must do" list.

Just to give you an idea, the BookPals Business Sanity podcast has now been going for 4 months now and we have had around 4000 visitors to our website to check out the episodes and see what BookPals is all about - that's 1000 visitors to our website a month, or a little over 250 visitors a week coming to our website to find out more - would your business benefit by having 1000 visitors to your website a month?

We hope you enjoy this episode of Bookpals Business Sanity and we hope that the information provided by Sean Kaye of RapidActionPodcasting.com helps drive your business forward.

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