26 Sep 2013

Auphonic - How You Turn Good Into Great

Feedback from Episode One of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast has been fantastic.

Not only have we received emails and calls saying that the ideas behind this podcast are great, but there have already been over 200 visits to the podcast page in the four days that it has been available.

Thank you for taking time to listen to the first episode and we give you a commitment that future episodes will provide you with hints and tips that will not only make your life just that little bit easier, but we hope will assist you in creating more profit for your business.

One aspect of the podcast that we want to improve on in future episodes is the consistency of the sound level.

If you listen carefully to the first episode you will hear three very distinct variations in the sound level - one at the beginning of the podcast, which changes when the "body" of the podcast starts and changes again towards the end of the podcast.

The reasons for these variations is quite simple and gives you an insight into how sensitive room acoustics can be - the podcast was done in three separate "takes", with the introduction taking place late at night, with the office door closed, the body of the podcast taking place in the middle of the day, with the office door open and the end of the podcast taking place also during the daytime, but this time with the office door closed.

As you can hear when you listen to the podcast, a simple thing like the time of day and whether or not a door is open or closed is all it takes to change the noise levels significantly.

The solution to this problem came in the form of a podcast by James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.com.

In this podcast, James Schramko interviews a gentleman by the name of Georg Holzmann from Auphonic.com.

Auphonic is software developed in Austria that you run audio through and it "smooths" out the different sound levels.

Best of all, Auphonic is free, so if you want to produce high quality audio for your website and/or podcasts, you can use Auphonic at no cost to turn good presentations into great presentations.

We are currently working on the second podcast and have already done two separate "takes" which again had different sound levels. This time, we ran them through Auphonic which "smoothed" out the sound levels wonderfully, so once the second episode has been completed, we will definitely be running the whole thing through Auphonic again to improve the quality of the presentation.

On top of the quality of the software, we must say that the team at Auphonic are most gracious - you will notice their logo at the start of this post - we sent the team at Auphonic an email asking if it was ok to include their logo in this post and Georg Holzmann replied personally saying that this was not a problem at all.

Thank you Georg for your quick and gracious response.

Podcasts are a great way to promote your business, but like any advertising, if it is of poor quality, it can have a negative effect on what potential customers think about you and your services, so if you are going to use audio to promote your business, make sure you use tools like Auphonic to turn it from a "Good" presentation into "GREAT" presentation.

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