12 Sep 2013

Check Out Our Pinterest Boards!!

Pinterest is a funny "animal".

When BookPals first started we were not sure if marketing on Pinterest would work for us because what pictures can you use to promote bookkeeping?

We were confident that we would even put ourselves to sleep if we pinned pictures of general ledgers and profit and loss reports, so what were we to do?!!!

Then we started thinking about the BookPals project itself and not simply marketing it on Pinterest.

What are we trying to achieve with BookPals and how do pictures explain this?

It was then that it all made sense!!

The reason why we have started BookPals is because we know the frustration many business owners have with traditional bookkeeping software.

All this "debit, credit and journal stuff" is like a foreign language to many business owners and we are determined to provide BookPals users with a bookkeeping package that is not only really easy to use, but where you don't have to be a "Pseudo-Accountant" to use it.

Using BookPals will allow you to free up time to do all those things in life that are really important to you and it was then that Pinterest suddenly made sense - create Pinterest Boards that show you the things you will be able to do once you free up time by using BookPals!!!

Travel, cooking, sports and even sourcing more business (for all you die hard business owners!!) - these are all things that you will have more time for once you start using BookPals - and there are heaps of beautiful pictures on these types of activities!!

Check out our Pinterest Boards and see what you think - and if you have ideas for other Pinterest Boards that we could include, please let us know.

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