17 Feb 2014

Do You Really Know Your Whole Team?

As a business owner, do you really know your whole team?

We're not simply talking about your co-founders, partners and staff here - what about all those other "behind the scenes" team members?

If you have to travel to conduct your business, isn't your travel agent an integral part of your team so that you don't have to waste time arranging flights and accommodation?

If you have regular business meetings where you provide catering for attendees, isn't the local catering service an integral part of your team?

If your clients - or potential clients - regularly visit your office, isn't your contract cleaner an integral part of your team so that visitors walk into a clean and tidy premises every time they visit your office?

If you ever find yourself in a legal "wrangle" with a competitor or disgruntled customer, isn't your lawyer an integral part of your team?

There are many "unsung heroes" working behind the scenes of our businesses and one such team member that many of us forget about is our Accountant.

All too often, we only think about our Accountant at tax time, but as you will hear today at BookPals Business Sanity, Accountants play a much more important role in our business success, because in today's episode we have a chat to Pauline Murray of Pauline R Murray Accountants.

Pauline has been providing Accounting services for many years now and in this episode she provides hints and tips that your Accountant can provide to really help you drive your business forward.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

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