14 Nov 2013

Don't Let Those Ideas Get Away From You

Anyone in business who has listened to a podcast before knows that it is a wonderfully convenient way to learn business strategies from experts in their respective fields, as you can listen to their business success hints and tips during "down time", like driving (or commuting) to work, whilst exercising (listening to podcasts while on a running or walking machine seriously makes the time go quicker!!), or even while you're out walking the family pet.

The one thing that you can miss while listening to podcasts, though, is the opportunity to "note down" ideas that may come to mind for your own business.

The BookPals Business Sanity podcast is now two episodes in and is already providing business gems for you to use in your business, so as part of our promise to help make your business life just that little bit easier, we started thinking about ways where we could make it easier for you to take notes to assist with your individual needs.

Thanks to James Schramko and his FastWebFormula Community (in particular John Logar, DaveNewgass and Kate) we have found the answer.

With the help of Rev.com you can now download an audio transcription of all BookPals Business Sanity podcast episodes.

Use this download to make notes about how the hints and tips provided can help your business specifically and we hope that this service goes one step closer to making your business life just that little bit easier.

We found out about the services that Rev.com provide through the FastWebFormula Community and we are most impressed by their service.

They charge USD$1.00 per podcast minute to transcribe the audio for you and their accuracy is well over 95%.

Rev.com promote a 48 hour turnaround for your transcription, however, we received two transcriptions back in a couple of hours and after a quick check and a few grammar corrections, what would have taken us days to complete was ready for you to download in no time at all.

Thank you once again to the FastWebFormula Community - the advice provided by your members (of which I am one) is making it very easy for us to provide a quality podcast service to our customers.

Thank you, also, to Rev.com for providing a quality transcription service that not only helps our podcast listeners, but also makes running our own business just that little bit easier as well.

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