3 Sep 2013

OK - Where Do We Start?

Have you ever tried getting a new software project off the ground?

If you have, you will know what we mean when we say "where do you start?!!!"

When you first come up with an idea it seems so easy - you know what the problem is, you know what needs to be done to create software that will fix the problem and it seems like such a simple thing to just "sit down, list what needs to be done, get a coder to do it and off you go"!!!

Nothing could be more further from the truth!!

The most amusing (and at times frustrating) part is working out where to actually start.

It seems so simple, until you actually get the project underway.

This is where the prioritising comes in - what is more important - the software development, the webpage design, sourcing funding, sourcing coders - the list goes on and on!!

Now, after many months of working through these priorities, we are well on the way to providing you with both software that we are sure will make your life easier and a community of members that will be there to help you and your business.

Join us on the journey by following our blog and registering with us to be updated as the BookPals launch gets closer - if nothing else, it may give you ideas on how to launch your own online product.

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