26 Mar 2014

Please, Please, Please Work This Time!!!!!!!

If you have been following the BookPals development and have been reading previous blog posts you will be aware of the problems we have had getting the BookPals Business Sanity podcast feed working correctly in iTunes.

After 4 months (that's right - months!!!) it looks like the problem has finally been fixed!!!

As you would know if you have been listening to our podcast, we provide audio transcriptions of the episodes, so that if you are out walking, running, or driving when you listen to an episode and you want to follow up on any of the information provided, instead of having to listen to the episode again, you can simply download the audio transcription to find the comment, website, or resource that is of interest to you.

Until recently, we have been storing these audio transcriptions in the same online location as the podcasts themselves and it looks like this has been "confusing" our podcast feed - something to do with the feed not liking a combination of MP3 files (the podcasts) and the PDF files (the audio transcriptions) sitting in the same "place" (not sure of the technical aspect of the problem - we left that to the iTunes "techies" who were fantastic in their efforts to get the problem sorted).

We have now moved the audio transcriptions to a different location and our podcasts - that up until now have been taking weeks to be referenced in iTunes - are now showing up on iTunes within 24 hours of upload.

Jump on over to the podcast section of iTunes and subscribe to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast - there have been some wonderful guests interviewed already and we have many more discussions in the pipeline that we are sure will make running your business just that little bit easier.

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