19 Dec 2013

The Christmas Rush Is Here - But For How Long?

It is one week before Christmas and if you run a small retail store, I am sure you are rushed off your feet at the moment as people do the annual "last minute dash" to buy friends and relatives a Christmas gift.

But how long will this last?

There are always busy periods in the life of a small retail business owner - there will always be someone buying in your area, but most small retailers are dependent on one thing - people walking into their shop to buy their goods.

What if you could get your products in front of people anywhere in the world?

What if you could target people specifically looking for your product?

What if you could do this for a fraction of the cost that you are currently paying for things like shop rent and staff wages?

Would this make your business life just that little bit easier?

If your answer is "Oh Yeah!!!" then you have to listen to the latest podcast episode of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast, because in this episode who are going to meet Ezra Firestone and his Brown Box Formula.

Ezra sells physical products online - lots of them - and has created a course he has called the Brown Box Formula, where he will teach you - the struggling small retail business owner - how to do the same.

Have a listen to our chat with Ezra and find out what his Brown Box Formula is all about and see if Ezra's training can make your business life just that little bit easier.

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