5 Oct 2013

The Importance Of "Downing Tools"!!

This week has been a significant week in BookPals, but for different reasons than you would expect.

Everyone involved in BookPals has had the week off, so no "real" work has been done on the BookPals project!!!

One of the directors has been away on a four wheel drive expedition and the other has been hosting visitors from interstate and it has highlighted an aspect of running your own business that often gets overlooked - the importance of "downing tools"!!!

As business owners, we often forget the importance of having "time off" with family and friends because we get so focussed on running our business.

What we forget is a little "down time" not only gives us time to rejuvenate, but it also frees up our minds which can often result in the next "great idea" for our business.

How often are you "downing tools" and if you're not, why not?

Who knows - a couple of days rest and relaxation may be all you need to help you propel your business into its next level of success.

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