10 Oct 2013

Things Are Starting To Get Serious!!!

We have got to a point with the BookPals launch where it is time to get a developer on board to help us.

The difficulty with a development of this type is that when you first come up with an idea like BookPals it seems relatively easy to put the specs together, get the system created and then get the product launched, but once the project gets underway and you start taking into account everything that is required to create the kind of product that the market is demanding of you, you begin to realise that there is much more involved in the rollout than you first thought.

One big benefit of bringing others into a project like this is that when you are as close to the product as the BookPals' founders are, you begin to realise that having "another set of eyes" looking at the project can highlight "gaps" in the system that may have been missed.

We spoke to a potential developer earlier this week and things are looking most promising for him to "come on board" and help us with the BookPals development.

Are there any aspects of your business that could be improved, or enhanced, if you had an "outsider" take a look at them to give you some "fresh" ideas?

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