1 Apr 2014

Which One Are You Selling - And Is It The Right One?

I have just been reading this blog post by Seth Godin titled "The cure or the story?" and I think it is well worth reading and having a think about in the context of your own business.

As small business owners, all too often we sell the "cure" - a simple fix to help customers resolve their immediate problem, but once their "illness" is "cured", there are often times when we never see this "patient" again!!

Now, if we think instead about selling the "story", where - in the context of a customer's immediate pain point - we provide them with hints, tips and ideas that will allow them to "cure" themselves, how much more repore do you build with the same customer?

How much more do they promote your products and/or services to others?

How much more likely are they to ask for your help when their pain point is too hard for them to "cure" themselves?

Are you selling the "cure" or the "story"and if you intend to grow a long lasting and successful business, are you selling the right one?

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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