1 May 2014

Now That Was Annoying - But All Sorted Now!!!! LOL

If you have been checking out the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast you may have noticed that something was missing.

The last time you were there, did you say to yourself "Where's episode 6?!!!"

Well, the answer is - we have no idea - it just "broke"!!!!!!"

Anyway, all is good again - Episode 6 is "live" again so if you have not listened to it I would encourage you to do so because in this episode we talk with James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.com.

James provides some wonderful insights into how you can supercharge your marketing message using website design and SEO techniques if you have a professional services business, so I would encourage you to have a listen to this episode, because it will provide you with some wonderful ideas on how to get more people to your website so that you can sell more of your product and/or service to them.

Oh - and while I think of it - I have to give a "huge" shoutout to John Logar of MakeEveryDayAPayday.com for letting us know that episode 6 was "broke" - with what's going on here at BookPals at the moment the missing episode may have been something that we did not pick up for a while, so thanks John for giving us the "heads up" on the problem.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Bookpals Business Sanity - again!!!!!! LOL

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