26 Apr 2014

Time To Sharpen Your Pencil!!

Call it Karma - call it coincidence - call it whatever you like, but isn't it uncanny how things happen just at the time when you need them to?

Only yesterday I was out with a customer who has his own trades services business (he is a builder) and he was grumbling because he knows he has to start marketing his business online, but (to quote him) he doesn't know the first thing about this "online marketing stuff" and can't be bothered learning it, because at the end of each day all he wants to do is relax - he's in his mid 50's, has been "on the tools" for nearly forty years and works like a "dog", so give him a break!!! LOL.

He continued his "grumble" by mentioning that he spends thousands of dollars a year on traditional advertising (local newspapers, phone books, etc), but all that seems to be happening these days is the price of his advertising just goes up, but the number of calls he gets to give potential customers quotes just goes down!!!

While he was having his little "rant" I was standing there smiling and at one point in the discussion he noticed this - of course, I then get the "Do you think this is funny?" question!!!

We know each other well, so he wasn't really upset when he saw me smiling - and he started smiling himself when I told him that I was about to launch a new episode on the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast that is exactly what he needs to listen to - because in this episode I am talking with Sean Kaye of Rapid Action Writing.

You would remember Sean from a previous podcast episode where he talked about his Rapid Action Podcasting service and in this episode Sean talks about his Rapid Action Writing service where he can provide you with quality copywriting services to promote your business online via blog posts, social media posts and anywhere else where the written word can be used to market your business.

If you are one of those business owners who knows they have to start doing more to market their business online, then this episode of the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast is a "must listen to" - enjoy!!

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