6 Apr 2014

More Places To Listen To The Podcast

We know that not everyone out there has an "i" something or other in their pockets that they listen to their podcasts on, so to allow you to access the BookPals Business Sanity podcast from your favorite podcast subscription site, the podcast is now listed at Doubletwist, in the Windows Phone Store and at Blubrry.

And remember - as was mentioned in a previous post - you can also listen to our podcast via Stitcher Radio these days as well.

We hope that this now allows you to access the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast using whatever device you have because there are so many "business gems" being provided by the guests on each episode that if you are not listening to it, you really are missing out on so many ways to make your business life just that little bit easier.

If there is anywhere else you would like the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast listed, please let us know in the comments below and we'll get right onto it.

Ok - enough from me -  go and enjoy the podcasts!!!!

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