3 Apr 2014

Sorry We Were So Forward!!!!

I was out talking to a client today and suggested to them that they download the BookPals Free Report because the points listed in this report would have been really helpful to them.

Their response was interesting (to say the least).

They had read the blog post about the free report when it first went out, but were reluctant to download a copy because you had to provide your name before you could get a copy.

Sorry - honest mistake - I am so used to providing my name before I receive anything that it didn't even enter my mind that you may not want to do the same.

Anyway, all fixed now - if you have a look now you will see that all you need to do is provide your email address - and if you don't want to enter your email address sorry, but we can't help you - we have to email the report somewhere!!!!! LOL

We would encourage you to check out the report - particularly if you are just about to start - or have just started - your business, because if you implement the suggestions listed they could save you a ton of heartache (and perhaps a few dollars) down the track.

Oh - and to my good friend who had the discussion with me earlier today (you know who you are!!), thanks for the feedback - like many things you do when you start a new business, much of the BookPals project is trial and error, so if there is anything you like, don't like, would like, or would like changed here at BookPals, comment below and let us know - your feedback will always be appreciated.

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