27 Apr 2014

Talk About Making Your Head Spin!!!!!

I have just been checking the podcast visitor stats and we are doubling our podcast downloads every 4-5 months!!!!

At the end of December 2013 we were sitting at 5000 downloads and today (27 April 2014) we are at 10102 podcast feed hits!!

I don't mean to brag when I pass this information on (although I am chuffed!!!!! LOL) - I am highlighting this "stat" simply to give you an idea of how powerful starting your own podcast can be.

As we have always said here at BookPals, our goal here is to provide you with hints and tips to help make your business life just that little bit easier and we believe that providing you with the means to get this much traffic to your website is definitely in line with our goal.

This is why you can sign up for the Rapid Action Podcasting course via our website these days, because it is all well and good for us to be telling you how effective podcasting is to market your business, but we would not be holding up our end of the bargain if we didn't provide you with direct access to a training course to teach you how to create your own podcast.

Check out the training and sign up for the course - it's seven bucks - what do you have to lose?!!!!

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