2 Apr 2014

We've Just Been Approved On Stitcher Radio!!!

Do you enjoy listening to the radio while you work?

Well now, instead of listening to all the "Doom and Gloom" you are forced to listen to on mainstream radio, you get the chance to listen to discussions that will help make your business life just that little bit easier, because we have just received advice that the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast has been approved for release on Stitcher Radio.

Instead of hearing about all the bad things that happen throughout the world, which is all you get to hear about on mainstream radio these days (well, it does help with the ratings doesn't it?!!!!), now you get the chance to listen to experts in their chosen fields who share their business journeys with you and give you hints, tips and ideas on how to make running your business just that little bit easier.

Tune into the BookPals Business Sanity podcast on Stitcher Radio and we hope the information provided helps you drive your business to further success.

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