12 Apr 2014

"WOW!!!" is the only word I can think of that isn't a swear word!!!!

We had our 5000th visitor to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast website today and to say I'm "chuffed" is an understatement.

But it gets better!!!!!!

I started thinking to myself, "Ok, so these are people who visit the podcast website itself - how about those people that find out about our podcast through iTunes and places like that?"

So I started having a "dig" around on our podcast hosting site (we host our podcast through a crowd called Podbean) to see if there was more information on who was listening to our podcast.

I find an area there called "Statistics" and a section of this area is titled "Feed Hits".

If you don't already know, you don't host your podcast on iTunes - if you thought you did, you're not alone - until I started doing this podcast "stuff" that's where I thought they all "lived" to!!!

What you do is you host your podcast on a podcast hosting site and then your hosting site gives you a podcast feed URL that you submit to places like iTunes so that your podcast gets referenced there.

When I saw this area called "Feed Hits" I thought "Ok, this makes sense - this is obviously where you find out how many people are checking you out using the podcast feed URL" so I clicked on this section.

Let me share with you the printout -

So, I'm looking at this number - 13857 - saying to myself "Gee - this is interesting" (I didn't actually say "Gee" - I dropped a couple of expletives - but this is a "G" rated post!!!! LOL), then fell off my chair, then got back up and said "This can't be right!!!!".

So I go digging a bit further to find out if what I am looking at is what I think I'm looking at and find this in the Support Center of our podcast hosting site -

So I sit there saying "Well (I didn't actually say "Well" but again, it's a "G"rated post!!!), this is nice - 5000 people have visited the podcast site and 13857 subscribed to the podcast from places like iTunes".

So then I get my calculator out and go "The podcast has been going nearly 5 months (it started on the 14th of November 2013 and today is the 12th of April 2014) and there have been 18857 lets call them "hits" to the podcast episodes (5000 site visits plus 13857 feed hits) so I divide 18857 "hits" by 5 months and I am looking at a figure of 3771.4.

I sit there, staring at this figure saying to myself, "Ok, so almost 3800 people are listening to what we have to say every month - that's a nice "reach".

Sorry, but I can't say what I said after that - I can't even think of a polite substitute for what I said, I was so excited!!!! LOL

If you are trying to work out ways to get your marketing message out to more potential clients, PLEASE consider podcasting - if the example above doesn't show you how effective podcasting can be then I do know what will!!

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