5 May 2014

Say Hello To BookPals New Home!!!

For a couple of months now we have been converting what was once our oldest son's "pad" into the new BookPals office.

Here's what it first looked like -

Needless to say, there was work to be done!!!!

So here I stand admiring my "demolition work" (I have just finished peeling carpet squares off the walls that our son had stuck up there to soundproof his room while he played the drums!!!) - under some false illusion that there is some semblance of a "handy" bone in my body - and I decide that I will complete the renovation myself (I can hear everyone that knows me groaning already!!!! LOL).

Three months - countless sheets of MDF board - numerous cans of paint that I have found in our back shed - something called a trowel (whatever that is!!) - and a couple of bags of plaster later, this is what the room looks like this -

Better - well at least I think so - until you get up close and see MDF boards coming away from the walls, "waves" of filling plaster and an attempt at painting that looks like it has been done by a 10 year old (my rationale was that there would be cupboards and filing cabinets hiding the paintwork - eventually!!!! LOL).

My darling wife - after gently (yeah right!!) explaining that my "handy" work will actually devalue the property, drags me out of the office and explains in her own "caring sharing" way that we are getting someone to do the job properly (not negotiable!!!) so after swallowing my pride (I still think there was nothing wrong with it!!!) I gave my good friend Rob Wegener of Wegener Painting Services a call and he came to the rescue.

Check out the office now -


The moral to the story - there are times when you have to listen to people around you - even when you don't like what you hear!!!!! LOL

Ok, time to set up the new office!!


  1. Need I say anything darling ?? ��

  2. You are such a hard person to please!!!!! LOL

    Once the bookcases and the shelves were up no-one would have been able to see the walls!!!!! 8=)