18 May 2014

We've Found Our Software Developer!!!!

Things are really starting to get exciting here at BookPals!!

Our product is now at a stage where we need a software developer to continue the rollout.

We have been speaking to software developers ever since the BookPals project first began, but we have been unable to find a developer who was just the right "fit" - until now!!!

John Judd from Codeboss is going to be assisting us with the BookPals software development.

John has had decades of software development experience - ranging from large corporate rollouts to small business software development projects and what impressed us most about John is his understanding of how important it is to make BookPals the easiest to use bookkeeping and business reporting tool you have ever seen.

We will be having a chat with John on a future episode of the Bookpals Business Sanity podcast, but until then, join me and welcome John Judd of Codeboss to the BookPals team.

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