14 May 2014

That's Better!!!!

Now we have what I call a "real" office!!!!

Went out and got an office desk and a couple of chairs that now allows my business partner and I to get away from the computer screen and work through strategic planning of the BookPals rollout.

One thing that is interesting is the effect that moving out of the back room of our house and into a separate "office" (albeit, still a renovated "shed" on our property) has had on my productivity.

The simple act of walking outside and going to another physical "location" (even though that "location" is 10 steps away from the back door of our house!!) really has had a positive affect on the "work" being conducted on the business.

The number of distractions that occur when you run your business from home has never ceased to amaze me and this move is by far the most productive thing that I have done to get more done in my working day.

Better still, it now allows me to "leave work" (and this is making my wife most happy now that I don't "sneak" down into the back room whenever I get the chance!!! LOL).

Do you find you get constantly distracted when you work from home and what do you do to reduce these distractions?

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