22 Jun 2014

Ok - Small Business Owners Take Note!!!!

Being a small business owner does not get near as much credit as it deserves.

It is not until you take that "leap of faith" and start your own small business that you begin to find out how hard it really is.

What many of the "uneducated" fail to realise when they "advise" you that you are spending too much time on your business is that there are so many "behind the scenes" aspects of business that you need to attend to once you close the doors at the end of each day.

Cash registers need to be balanced.

Stock needs to be replenished.

Staff need to be paid.

Reports need to be completed.

In other words - all the Bookkeeping needs to be done!!!

And this is why in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity we really "deep dive" into why you should be using Bookpals when you run your own small business.

In this episode we provide you with a "small business scenario" - check it out and see how close it is to your "small business day" - and if you can relate at all to this scenario, you'll begin to understand how BookPals is going to make your business life just that little bit easier.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity - and don't forget to register for BookPals after listening to it.

18 Jun 2014

The Lawyers Need To See Those Documents!!

As a business owner, have you ever been involved in a legal dispute where you needed to provide documentary evidence to support your case?

Have you ever gone into business with someone and then everything has gone "bad" and you have had to produce supporting evidence to ensure you receive your fair and equitable share of the profits once the business is closed down and the assets are sold?

Heck, have you simply been in dispute with family members over the distribution of assets in a deceased estate because the deceased's Will cannot be found?

It is a harsh reality of business life that you will find yourself in some kind of legal dispute and the costs involved in searching for supporting evidence can be astronomical.

One way of reducing the stress and cost involved in this aspect of business life is to ensure that - 1. Agreements are made in writing - signed by all parties - while everything is "Hunky Dory" and 2. You can easily access these agreements - and any other supporting paperwork - if ever you find yourself in a situation where things "go south".

This is where BookPals can help you. 

When you become a BookPals member you will be able to store all your business agreements safely and securely in your BookPals account. 

This means that all your contracts, all your agreements and any other documentation you may need to support your case will be safely stored in the one place - ready for you and your lawyer to produce if required with little more than the click of a button. 

No more hours wasted searching for supporting evidence.

No more costly legal bills while lawyers rummage through your paperwork trying to find evidence.

No more stress trying to remember where you put the paperwork that will prove your side of the story. 

Once you sign up for BookPals, all these stressful time wasters simply disappear!!

There is more information over on the BookPals website, so check it out now and while you are there, remember to Register for BookPals - it really is going to make your life much - much - easier.

17 Jun 2014

Isn't It Interesting How Products Evolve?

Isn't it fascinating how - once you really start "deep diving" into a product development - aspects of it evolve that you never expect would happen?

When we first started the BookPals project it was going to provide you with a bookkeeping system unlike anything you had seen before it.

The financial aspect BookPals is still its foundation, however, as the rollout has evolved, there have been numerous other aspects of business that we have found Bookpals will be perfect for.

One aspect that has been identified is the use of BookPals to assist in auditing.

Auditing can be a nightmare - both from the business owner's and the auditor's perspective.

On one side you have the business owner - not the least bit interested in being audited - being constantly harangued to produce documentation for the audit and on the other side you have the auditor - who has a statutory requirement to complete and submit the results of their audit to the governing bodies - trying to complete their audit as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next job and get out of the business owner's hair.

And the one thing that both the business owner - and the auditor - have in common, is that both dread having to sift through boxes and boxes of paperwork to retrieve the records required to conduct the audit.

Well, now that BookPals is almost here, auditing is about to become much - much - easier!!!

Now, business owners will simply give the auditor access to their BookPals account and the auditor will then be able to conduct their audit at a place and time of their choosing - and neither the business owner, nor the auditor, need ever get in each other's way again!!!

There is more information over on the BookPals website, so check it out now and make sure that you register for BookPals while you're there.

13 Jun 2014

Let's Start Making Your Business Processes Easier!!!

Let me ask you something - do you send your children to school to be educated, or do you teach them from home yourself?

Do you work on your own car, or do you take it to a workshop whenever it needs to be serviced or repaired?

Sure, there are people out there who educate their children from home and sure, there are people out there who do the repairs on their own vehicles, but the vast majority of us outsource these duties to people like teachers and mechanics to ensure our children receive the best education possible and our vehicles stay at peak performance.

If we - as business owners - don't think twice about outsourcing our children's education and the maintenance of our cars, why then do we feel obligated to do everything - and I mean everything!!! - when it comes to the day to day chores in our business?

Why do we waste hours trying to learn things like business bookkeeping, online marketing, website development and the like when we neither like - nor understand - anything of these things?

Nowadays, it is so easy to outsource the non-essential aspects of your business and free up time to do the important things in your life and on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you get to meet someone who will show you how to outsource non-essential duties and how to systemize processes within your business, because today you meet Deanna Maio of DelegatedToDone.com.

Deanna specialises in teaching business owners how to outsource tasks by systemizing processes within their business and wait until you hear about the wonderful free gift that Deanna offers you after listening to this podcast.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

8 Jun 2014

So, What's This BookPals Thing All About Anyway?

This week has been a most exciting week in the BookPals project because this week the software design actually began!!!

You would recall in a previous post that we have recruited the services of John Judd of Codeboss and we received advice from John earlier this week that he had commenced work on the BookPals software.

To say that we're excited is somewhat of an understatement, because this project has been almost four years in the making, so we thought that as BookPals is now underway in earnest, it's about time you started learning more about it.

That's why on this episode of Bookpals Business Sanity we have started a series of short updates to let you know what BookPals is all about and how it is going to benefit you in the day to day running of your business.

This first update goes into detail about how we identified a "hole" in the market that needed to be filled and how, once these needs and requirements were identified, the BookPals concept came into being.

We hope that this episode of BookPals Business Sanity helps you understand how your business life is about to become just that little bit easier.

2 Jun 2014

Oops!!!!! Sorry For The Confusion!!!!

If you have already listened to the latest BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode, have you picked up the little error that I made towards the end of the episode?

A couple of minutes before the end of this episode I explained that you can now download a free report to help you when you first start your own business.

I made mention that the free report is located on the left hand side of our Homepage - it is actually on the right hand side!!!!

In my defence, it was located on the left hand side of our Homepage, but since the podcast episode was recorded we have had a website "revamp" and it was moved to the other side of the screen!!!!

Anyway - regardless of what side of the Homepage it is on - download the free report and use it as a check list to make sure you have the essentials "covered" when starting your own business

1 Jun 2014

Communities That Are Really There To Help You

As a business owner, constantly thinking about ways to drive your business forward, how many people do you have around you to discuss your ideas, hopes, dreams and aspirations with?

It is a reality of business life that many of the people around you simply don't understand why you do what you do.

There are communities, however, where people just like you - who have similar hopes, dreams and aspirations as you as they drive their businesses forward - meet to help each other and today you are going to meet the owner of one of those communities, because on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity we welcome back James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.com.

James has created the Super Fast Business Community where likeminded people meet to help and support each other as they work through the day to day dynamics of running their own business.

This isn't an online community like all those social communities you find online - this is a place where people specifically focussed on driving their businesses forward meet and help each other achieve business success.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.