18 Jun 2014

The Lawyers Need To See Those Documents!!

As a business owner, have you ever been involved in a legal dispute where you needed to provide documentary evidence to support your case?

Have you ever gone into business with someone and then everything has gone "bad" and you have had to produce supporting evidence to ensure you receive your fair and equitable share of the profits once the business is closed down and the assets are sold?

Heck, have you simply been in dispute with family members over the distribution of assets in a deceased estate because the deceased's Will cannot be found?

It is a harsh reality of business life that you will find yourself in some kind of legal dispute and the costs involved in searching for supporting evidence can be astronomical.

One way of reducing the stress and cost involved in this aspect of business life is to ensure that - 1. Agreements are made in writing - signed by all parties - while everything is "Hunky Dory" and 2. You can easily access these agreements - and any other supporting paperwork - if ever you find yourself in a situation where things "go south".

This is where BookPals can help you. 

When you become a BookPals member you will be able to store all your business agreements safely and securely in your BookPals account. 

This means that all your contracts, all your agreements and any other documentation you may need to support your case will be safely stored in the one place - ready for you and your lawyer to produce if required with little more than the click of a button. 

No more hours wasted searching for supporting evidence.

No more costly legal bills while lawyers rummage through your paperwork trying to find evidence.

No more stress trying to remember where you put the paperwork that will prove your side of the story. 

Once you sign up for BookPals, all these stressful time wasters simply disappear!!

There is more information over on the BookPals website, so check it out now and while you are there, remember to Register for BookPals - it really is going to make your life much - much - easier.

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