17 Jun 2014

Isn't It Interesting How Products Evolve?

Isn't it fascinating how - once you really start "deep diving" into a product development - aspects of it evolve that you never expect would happen?

When we first started the BookPals project it was going to provide you with a bookkeeping system unlike anything you had seen before it.

The financial aspect BookPals is still its foundation, however, as the rollout has evolved, there have been numerous other aspects of business that we have found Bookpals will be perfect for.

One aspect that has been identified is the use of BookPals to assist in auditing.

Auditing can be a nightmare - both from the business owner's and the auditor's perspective.

On one side you have the business owner - not the least bit interested in being audited - being constantly harangued to produce documentation for the audit and on the other side you have the auditor - who has a statutory requirement to complete and submit the results of their audit to the governing bodies - trying to complete their audit as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next job and get out of the business owner's hair.

And the one thing that both the business owner - and the auditor - have in common, is that both dread having to sift through boxes and boxes of paperwork to retrieve the records required to conduct the audit.

Well, now that BookPals is almost here, auditing is about to become much - much - easier!!!

Now, business owners will simply give the auditor access to their BookPals account and the auditor will then be able to conduct their audit at a place and time of their choosing - and neither the business owner, nor the auditor, need ever get in each other's way again!!!

There is more information over on the BookPals website, so check it out now and make sure that you register for BookPals while you're there.

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