2 Jun 2014

Oops!!!!! Sorry For The Confusion!!!!

If you have already listened to the latest BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode, have you picked up the little error that I made towards the end of the episode?

A couple of minutes before the end of this episode I explained that you can now download a free report to help you when you first start your own business.

I made mention that the free report is located on the left hand side of our Homepage - it is actually on the right hand side!!!!

In my defence, it was located on the left hand side of our Homepage, but since the podcast episode was recorded we have had a website "revamp" and it was moved to the other side of the screen!!!!

Anyway - regardless of what side of the Homepage it is on - download the free report and use it as a check list to make sure you have the essentials "covered" when starting your own business

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