19 Jul 2014

Calling All Corporate Business Managers!!!

As a departmental manager, how many times have you had to "front" your section head - or the executive management team - to explain "blowouts" in your department's expenditure?

How professional have you looked when you are unable to explain these blowouts because your staff have failed to hand in supporting receipts to substantiate their expense claims?

While standing there, being berated by your boss for not doing your job properly, all you can think of is the number of times you have instructed your staff to send their receipts in with their expense claims, but everything you do seems to fall on deaf ears.

What if you could get access to your staff's expense receipts without them ever having to forward these receipts to you again?

What if the process was so simple, that your staff would not think twice about sending you their receipts?

Well, on this episode of BookPals Business Sanity we explain how, when your staff start using BookPals, this is exactly how easy getting your staff's expense receipts is going to be.

We hope you enjoy this BookPals Business Sanity update and remember to register for BookPals after you have listened to this episode.

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