16 Jul 2014

Isn't It Wonderful When You Get A "Light Bulb Moment"?!!!!

Have you ever been somewhere and something is said that really makes you stop and say to yourself "That's It!!!!"

Well, last weekend we were with friends and one of these "light bulb moment" comments were made that I have to share with you.

I was out chatting to a group of business owners I know about the impending launch of BookPals and during our discussion two people - with very opposite opinions - became quite vocal on the discussion topic!!!

We were talking about using a bookkeeper to look after the reporting in your business.

The two people in question - both small business owners - were polar opposites in their opinion on this subject - one said he had always used the services of a bookkeeper to look after their financial and business records and the other said that he had not - and would not - ever use a bookkeeper to look after his business reporting.

Both parties had valid reasons why they had chosen their respective position on the subject - the "Pro-Bookkeeper" guy raised points like - using a bookkeeper gives you more time to spend working on the business, using a bookkeeper gives you more time to spend with family and friends and using a bookkeeper frees you up from an aspect of business that you don't like doing and can't understand.

The "Anti-Bookkeeper" guy raised points like - how can you understand how your business is going if you don't have a clear understanding of the financials, employing a bookkeeper is just another one of those expenses that you don't need to incur and there is always "free time" in every day where - if you stay on top of your business reporting on a daily basis - you can get this aspect of running your business done during this "free time" each day.

The most interesting part of the whole discussion (from my perspective) was that the only "common ground" both parties had was that using existing bookkeeping software is a laborious process and accounting principles (they actually said "that accounting crap!!!!) was very hard to understand.

Then the "Anti-Bookkeeper" guy made a comment that stopped everyone dead in their tracks.

He said - "Listen - How Many Bookkeepers Do You Need If There Are No Small Businesses?"

That one sentence made the whole group go very quiet until I piped up and said, "What do you mean?"

His reply was direct and to the point - "It's all well and good to be using a bookkeeper, but when times get tough - and they always do - and you need to lay people off, then if you don't know how to do your own bookkeeping, you're stuck paying someone (the bookkeeper) when this money could be better spent somewhere else in the business".

He had obviously made his point, because the other guy stood there quietly for a minute and then simply replied "fair enough" and after that, the discussion moved on to really important things like football, kids and the like!!!! LOL

I must say that this was a real "light bulb" moment for me and totally reinforced my commitment to what we are doing here at BookPals.

Don't get me wrong - I firmly believe that all small businesses should use the services of a bookkeeper, but the choice to do so should be the BUSINESS OWNER'S choice - they should not be forced to use a bookkeeper because they don't understand accounting principles - they should be able to make the choice on whether of not to use a bookkeeper once their business is at a point where they can afford to employ someone to do the bookkeeping for them.

And this is our promise to you as a small business owner - BookPals will allow you to do the bookkeeping yourself quickly and easily until you get your business to the point where you can afford to employ a bookkeeper and then - once you decide to use a bookkeeper - you'll be able to find your bookkeeper to help you right here at BookPals - and handing over your bookkeeping to them will be little more than the click of a couple of buttons.

Register for BookPals now - your life will get easier.

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