29 Aug 2014

Pack Your Bags - This Is A Trip You'll Want To Take!!!!

It's time to get ready for a holiday that will not only get you out from that desk or workshop, but will also provide you with the information you are looking for to drive your business forward!!!

Kristin Thompson is holding her Rise Live Event from the 16th to the 18th of October and if you are looking for ways to really "Rock Your Talk" whenever someone says to you "So, tell me more about your business" then Kristin's event is one to definitely put into your calendar.

I just launched a special episode of the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast to tell you more about it, so have a listen to this episode to find out what The Rise Live Event is all about.

If you don't have time right at the moment to be listening to podcasts, you can find out more about Kristin's event right here and now by clicking on this link.

Pack your bags and get ready to learn how to really supercharge your business message at The Rise Live Event.

A "Fringe Benefit" Of Speaking With Guests On Your Podcast

Many of you who have been following the BookPals development would have also been listening to the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast where you can listen to our fantastic guests as they provide you with hints and tips to make your business life easier and more successful.

One of the "fringe benefits" of talking with these fantastic guests is that you find out about new resources as soon as they are released and one of our previous guests - Kristin Thompson - has just released a free video training series that you have to check out if you are looking for ways to give your business more exposure to more potential clients.

Kristin's video training series is called The School of Rocking Your Talk and in it she provides you with some wonderful hints and tips on how to "command the room" when you are talking with people about your business.

The videos are short and snappy and will give you some wonderful hints on how to really "Rock Your Talk" the next time someone says to you "Tell me more about your business."

Check out the series and let us know what you think.

23 Aug 2014

Auditors - Your Turn To Find Out Why BookPals Is Just For You!!

Do you run your own auditing firm - or are you employed as an auditor - whose job it is to audit business records to ensure that these businesses are meeting all of their statutory requirements?

How many times have you gone to audit business records and have been presented with filing cabinets full of unordered records - or shoeboxes stuffed full of receipts - and you've wasted hours getting this mess into some kind of order before you could even start thinking about conducting your audit?

Well, in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you're going to find out how once you start using BookPals, this problem simply disappears!!

This episode explains how, by using BookPals, all your clients records will be easily accessible so that you can conduct your audits quickly and efficiently and all those hours wasted, sifting through piles of receipts, will be freed up to give you back the time you need to conduct more audits on more businesses.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity and after listening to it, if you think that BookPals will make your business life easier, come on over to BookPals and find out more.

17 Aug 2014

How To Unleash Your Customer's Passion!!!

Think about a product or service that you love - and I mean absolutely love!!

I'm talking about that product or service that you will never stop buying or using - regardless of how many times family or friends tell you that there is something better on the market.

What is it about this product or service that makes you so passionate about it?

What is it about this product or service that makes it so much better than everything else out there?

Now - as a business owner - what would it be like if your customers thought the same way about your product or service?

Well, in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you're going to find out how to unleash the passion for your product and/or service that is inside each of your customers because in this episode you're going to meet Rob Schultz of ProfitSeduction.com.

Rob teaches business owners how to unlock the passion in their customers using what he calls Profit Seduction Techniques so that not only do your existing customers buy more from you, but they also encourage others to buy from you - and only you - as well.

We hope you enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

16 Aug 2014

Isn't It Interesting What You Need To Hear And When You Hear It?

I had a discussion with a BookPals Business Sanity Podcast guest yesterday and the information provided could not have come at a better time.

The guest was Wendy Weiss of ColdCallingResults.com and it was so ironic that our discussion took place the day that it did because only the day before I was talking with a customer of mine who needed to know exactly what it is that Wendy teaches!!

Wendy is also known as The Queen of Cold Calling and she provides coaching and training on how to effectively convert leads into loyal customers.

Our podcast interview is still some ways off (don't worry, I'll make sure that I let you know the day it gets launched), but during our discussion Wendy informed me of a resource she provides and it would be remiss (and to be truthful, quite selfish) of me not to let you know about it straight away.

Wendy's resource is called Wendy's Tip Of The Day where she provides you with daily tips on how to more effectively find and start a conversation with those people who are looking for the exact kind of product and/or service that you provide.

I would not usually announce this kind of resource until after my guest's podcast interview launched, but only the day before I was with a customer of mine who is just starting out on cold calling to attract more customers to his business and knowing that Wendy's Tip Of The Day is just what he needs to help him, I thought it best that you all know about this resource because I am certain that there are others reading this post that need this resource to help them as well.

Here is a direct link to Wendy's Tip Of The Day and you can also access it via the BookPals Resources page.

I hope that this resource helps you and happy prospecting!!!

9 Aug 2014

Accountants - Time For You To Find Out Why This BookPals "Thing" Is For You!!!

As an Accountant, how often have you been confronted with little more than a shoebox full of receipts to complete a client's tax return  - and an expectation by this same client that your bill to them is going to be what they consider "reasonable"?

How unpleasant is the ensuing discussion when you explain to this same customer that your bill to them is going to be thousands of dollars - that's right, thousands of dollars - simply to get their records into some kind of order before you can even start looking at completing their tax returns?

Well, in this BookPals Business Sanity Podcast update, you're about to find out how this discussion simply goes away when you and your clients begin using BookPals.

You'll find out how, once you start using BookPals, you will be able to have your clients provide you with their data in a way that will allow you to process their returns promptly and efficiently - and all those unbillable hours will simply disappear, giving you more time to service more paying customers.

We hope you enjoy this Bookpals Business Sanity Podcast update and remember to find out more about BookPals after you have listened to it.

7 Aug 2014

The Power Of One Letter

I was at tennis training with my son yesterday and something was said that has such far reaching implications in business that I have to share it with you.

Let me set the scene for you - my son's coach dropped a ball "short" so that he had to come in close to the net to return it and after he hit it back his coach lobbed a return over the top of his head.

As the ball went over his head my son called out "No!!!" and started running back to return the ball - but came up two steps short of being able to get to it before the ball bounced for a second time.

His coach called him over and asked him "What did you say as I lobbed the ball over your head?" to which he replied "No!!!"

His coach paused for a moment and then said "How could you have got that ball back by changing one single letter in what you just said?"

My son stared back for a minute, then dropped his head and muttered "I don't know what you mean" to which his coach replied "What would you have said if you changed the letter "N" to the letter "G"?"

Ben (my son) looked up and said "Go?" to which his coach simply smiled, said nothing more and walked back to the baseline to continue the coaching lesson.

Have a think about this comment for a moment - what images come to mind when you think of the word "Go"?

For me, the words "move" "progress" and "get to somewhere else" immediately come to mind - what words or sentences can you add to this list?

The next time you come up against a "roadblock" in your business - where the first thing that comes to mind is "No" - try changing that one single letter so the first thing that comes to mind becomes "Go!!" - who knows, a simple change of that one single letter might just help you take those "two extra steps" you need to overcome that same "roadblock".

6 Aug 2014

I Have To Share This Resource With You Immediately!!!

Earlier today I interviewed Ely Delaney of Your Marketing University on how to effectively market your business - you will be able to listen to this chat on a future episode of BookPals Business Sanity and I'll make sure I let you know when it releases.

During our discussion Ely made me aware of a resource he provides that I had to tell you about straight away.

 The resource is called the Website Success Kit and what it does is show you how effective your website actually is in attracting more customers to your products and services.

I wanted to let you know about this resource straight away because we all spend so much time and effort (and money!!) on our websites trying to get more business and often find that all this effort does little - or nothing - to increase our customer base.

Check out Ely's resource now and find out if your website is an effective marketing tool - or nothing more than a "wall flower" that looks nice, but does little to increase your customer base.

2 Aug 2014

The Things You Hear When You Don't Expect To Hear Them!!!

Have you ever been sitting somewhere - like, for example, in the bar of a hotel - mulling over problems you are having in your business and while there, you overhear a discussion and have thought to yourself "I can't believe this - this is exactly what I need to know to fix my problem!!!"?

Well, on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you are going to be a part on one such discussion, because on today's episode, you get to listen to a discussion that I had with John Logar of MakeEveryDayAPayday.com before we actually took part in a "formal" podcast episode.

What would normally be a two to three minute chat prior to starting a podcast turned into over 40 minutes of absolute "business gold" when I interviewed John some time back and this preliminary discussion turned out to have so much fantastic information in it that it had to be launched as a podcast episode in its very own right.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, sit back and enjoy this "chat before the chat" with John Logar of MakeEveryDayAPayday.com.