2 Aug 2014

The Things You Hear When You Don't Expect To Hear Them!!!

Have you ever been sitting somewhere - like, for example, in the bar of a hotel - mulling over problems you are having in your business and while there, you overhear a discussion and have thought to yourself "I can't believe this - this is exactly what I need to know to fix my problem!!!"?

Well, on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity you are going to be a part on one such discussion, because on today's episode, you get to listen to a discussion that I had with John Logar of MakeEveryDayAPayday.com before we actually took part in a "formal" podcast episode.

What would normally be a two to three minute chat prior to starting a podcast turned into over 40 minutes of absolute "business gold" when I interviewed John some time back and this preliminary discussion turned out to have so much fantastic information in it that it had to be launched as a podcast episode in its very own right.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, sit back and enjoy this "chat before the chat" with John Logar of MakeEveryDayAPayday.com.

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