9 Aug 2014

Accountants - Time For You To Find Out Why This BookPals "Thing" Is For You!!!

As an Accountant, how often have you been confronted with little more than a shoebox full of receipts to complete a client's tax return  - and an expectation by this same client that your bill to them is going to be what they consider "reasonable"?

How unpleasant is the ensuing discussion when you explain to this same customer that your bill to them is going to be thousands of dollars - that's right, thousands of dollars - simply to get their records into some kind of order before you can even start looking at completing their tax returns?

Well, in this BookPals Business Sanity Podcast update, you're about to find out how this discussion simply goes away when you and your clients begin using BookPals.

You'll find out how, once you start using BookPals, you will be able to have your clients provide you with their data in a way that will allow you to process their returns promptly and efficiently - and all those unbillable hours will simply disappear, giving you more time to service more paying customers.

We hope you enjoy this Bookpals Business Sanity Podcast update and remember to find out more about BookPals after you have listened to it.

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