16 Aug 2014

Isn't It Interesting What You Need To Hear And When You Hear It?

I had a discussion with a BookPals Business Sanity Podcast guest yesterday and the information provided could not have come at a better time.

The guest was Wendy Weiss of ColdCallingResults.com and it was so ironic that our discussion took place the day that it did because only the day before I was talking with a customer of mine who needed to know exactly what it is that Wendy teaches!!

Wendy is also known as The Queen of Cold Calling and she provides coaching and training on how to effectively convert leads into loyal customers.

Our podcast interview is still some ways off (don't worry, I'll make sure that I let you know the day it gets launched), but during our discussion Wendy informed me of a resource she provides and it would be remiss (and to be truthful, quite selfish) of me not to let you know about it straight away.

Wendy's resource is called Wendy's Tip Of The Day where she provides you with daily tips on how to more effectively find and start a conversation with those people who are looking for the exact kind of product and/or service that you provide.

I would not usually announce this kind of resource until after my guest's podcast interview launched, but only the day before I was with a customer of mine who is just starting out on cold calling to attract more customers to his business and knowing that Wendy's Tip Of The Day is just what he needs to help him, I thought it best that you all know about this resource because I am certain that there are others reading this post that need this resource to help them as well.

Here is a direct link to Wendy's Tip Of The Day and you can also access it via the BookPals Resources page.

I hope that this resource helps you and happy prospecting!!!

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