7 Aug 2014

The Power Of One Letter

I was at tennis training with my son yesterday and something was said that has such far reaching implications in business that I have to share it with you.

Let me set the scene for you - my son's coach dropped a ball "short" so that he had to come in close to the net to return it and after he hit it back his coach lobbed a return over the top of his head.

As the ball went over his head my son called out "No!!!" and started running back to return the ball - but came up two steps short of being able to get to it before the ball bounced for a second time.

His coach called him over and asked him "What did you say as I lobbed the ball over your head?" to which he replied "No!!!"

His coach paused for a moment and then said "How could you have got that ball back by changing one single letter in what you just said?"

My son stared back for a minute, then dropped his head and muttered "I don't know what you mean" to which his coach replied "What would you have said if you changed the letter "N" to the letter "G"?"

Ben (my son) looked up and said "Go?" to which his coach simply smiled, said nothing more and walked back to the baseline to continue the coaching lesson.

Have a think about this comment for a moment - what images come to mind when you think of the word "Go"?

For me, the words "move" "progress" and "get to somewhere else" immediately come to mind - what words or sentences can you add to this list?

The next time you come up against a "roadblock" in your business - where the first thing that comes to mind is "No" - try changing that one single letter so the first thing that comes to mind becomes "Go!!" - who knows, a simple change of that one single letter might just help you take those "two extra steps" you need to overcome that same "roadblock".

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