19 Sep 2014

Lawyers - Take Note!!!

As a lawyer, how many hours of unbillable time have you lost trying to get hold of supporting evidence from your clients?

How many times have you had to stand in front of a judge asking for your case to be adjourned simply because your client still can't find the documentation that they know they have - somewhere - to prove their case?

What if you had direct access to your client's business documentation long before you had to represent them in court?

What if accessing this documentation was little more than the click of a couple of buttons when the time comes where you need this documentation as supporting evidence to represent your client in a court case?

Well, on today's BookPals Business Sanity Podcast Update you find out how, by using BookPals, all your client's business documentation will be at your fingertips whenever you need it.

No more unbillable hours searching for supporting evidence.

No more court adjournments while waiting for your client to hand over the supporting evidence for their case.

Listen to the latest BookPals Business Sanity Update now and start making your business life just that little bit easier.

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