16 Sep 2014

Want To Learn How to Access 49% Of All Business Decision Makers?

If you are a business owner who sells "B2B" (Business to Business) products and/or services, do you know there is one place online where almost half of all business decision makers can be found?

Well, earlier this morning I conducted a BookPals Business Sanity podcast interview with someone who has just provided me with this invaluable information.

The place where these business decision makers can be found is LinkedIn and the person who provided me with this information is Alex Pirouz of Linkfluencer.com.

Our discussion was a wonderful insight into the power of LinkedIn to market your products and/or services and I know you will get great value out of my chat with Alex when his podcast episode releases.

This podcast episode is still some ways off, but after speaking with Alex, I would be doing you a disservice if I did not let you know about a fantastic free resource Alex has created to help you "get in front" of all these business decision makers on LinkedIn.

Alex has a free video course called Discover The 3-Steps to LinkedIn Mastery and in it he outlines the most effective ways to connect with business decision makers on LinkedIn and then convert these connections into more paying customers for your business.

Check out Alex's free course now and see if it can assist you in creating more business for your business.

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