25 Oct 2014

Pull In That "Net" - It's Time To Refine Your Marketing Efforts!!!

As a small business owner - particularly if you are just starting out in your business - are you casting out a really broad "net" in an attempt to get as many people to hear about your products and services as possible?

What if I said that everything you are doing is absolutely wrong and you should stop what you're doing straight away and start again?

Well, before you say "What does this boofhead know about my business" have a listen to the latest episode of BookPals Business Sanity and after listening to it, see if you still disagree with me, because in this episode we welcome back John Logar of makeeverydayapayday.com.

You would remember John from a previous podcast episode where we had a wonderful "pre-chat chat" on the dynamics of effectively marketing your business and in this episode we discuss the importance of really "niching down" when marketing your products and services to identify your ideal client and to drive your business forward.

Have your pencil and paper ready to note down some "marketing gold" notes from this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

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