19 Oct 2014

Have You Penciled In To Go To The Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit Yet?

You would remember in our previous post where we introduced you to our podcast interview with Wendy Weiss and we made mention of her upcoming Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit.

We thought that we had better provide you with more information on this Summit because this kind of business resource rarely comes your way.

The Summit takes place between the 3rd and the 7th of November 2014 (that's right - it starts in two week's time!!), but before you start saying "I just don't have the time to arrange to get there", guess what - you don't have to - because the Summit is being conducted completely online!!!

Ok, so now that you know you can attend the whole Summit from the comfort of your own home, here's some of things you get when you attend -

  • You get six small business experts who reveal their most extreme secrets on how to get more leads, convert more sales, win more clients and make more money while not driving yourself crazy in the process.
  • You learn how to stop wasting time and start making money on social media sites. 
  • You find out about the one tweak to get customers calling you immediately.
  • You find out about three deadly blunders that 98% of businesses are making and these blunders result in lost sales to smarter competitors.
  • You'll learn two quick techniques that will stop you having to chase prospects because these two techniques have prospects return your call.
  • You get the Number One Cure for every marketer's worst habit.
  • You learn how to achieve all your marketing goals and make more money by spending nothing (that's right - not a "cracker!!!).
  • You learn about the one thing that you must do to get prospects to remember and buy from you long after they first see your marketing.

There is a heap more that you will learn, but I don't want to spoil The Summit by telling you everything. 

Ok, so do you think that the points highlighted above will help you generate more business (this is the part where you say "Yes" - and if you say anything other than "Yes" it might be an idea to re-read the points above again - because I reckon you might have misread what's up there!!!)? 

Assuming you have now said "Yes" to my question above, is your next question - "Ok, so how much is this going to cost me"?

So - are you sitting down - because here we go - 

It costs you NOTHING to attend The Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit.

That's right - Nada - Zilch - Zero - NOTHING!!! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Register for The Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit now and drive your business to further success.

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