30 Oct 2014

There's Been A Little Bit More Than Sweeping Happening In This Cleaning Business!!

We have been working with an associate of ours on a project that has really streamlined processes within her business and although it is not directly related to the BookPals project, I wanted to tell you about it because it is so indicative of what we are doing here at BookPals.

Louise Drummond runs a business in South Australia called Personal Touch Home Cleaning and over recent times she has seen a nice little increase in business growth.

As a result of this growth there has been a substantial increase in demand on Louise's time in the form of following up more leads, issuing more invoices for sales, processing more supplier payments and the like.

On top of this all the "back office" functions of the business are all very manually based, so not only did Louise spend all day providing quality cleaning services, but each evening she had to come home to issue sales invoices, pay suppliers and she also had to find time each day to chase unpaid accounts and the like.

The burden of this increase in back office tasks was really wearing Louise down and something had to be done, so we all got our "heads together" and have now come up with a wonderful solution.

Now, instead of spending hours getting details of each day's cleans from her contractors and then having to sit down to manually issue invoices, we helped Louise create a little app that automatically issues invoices as soon as the job is completed!!

As soon as the job is finished, each cleaner accesses this little app on their smart phone and registers that the job has been completed and this automatically generates an invoice to the client, an invoice for the contractor's services and advises both Louise and her bookkeeper that the job has been completed so that the sale and the contractor's invoice can both be entered into Louise's financial system.

Streamlining this process has now given Louise back hours each week that allows her to source more clients, interview more potential contractors and spend more time doing all those other things in her life that are important to her.

I've shared this story with you for one simple reason - as well as working on little projects like the one we have just helped Louise with, we are working like mad to create a product for you in BookPals to take away similar back office "drags" in your business life so make sure your register to find out when BookPals is available for you because it really is going to make your business life so much easier.

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