13 Nov 2014

How Embarrassing - But All Fixed Now!!!! LOL

Have you ever been out at a function - or a social event with friends - and someone has sidled up alongside you and quietly whispered in your ear "I thought you better know - your fly is undone"?!!!!! LOL

Well, that exact same thing (metaphorically speaking of course!!) happened to me yesterday and I thought I had better let you know about it because it relates to the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast!!!

You will remember back some episodes ago that I interviewed Ellory Wells of ellorywells.com on how to turn your offline expertise into an online business.

Anyway, Ellory has his own podcast called The Empowered Podcast and I have been talking with him about being a guest on his show when the BookPals product launches.

I asked Ellory to check out the first episode of the BookPals Business Sanity Podcast way back in November 2013 so that he could have a listen to it to make sure that the BookPals story would be a "good fit" for the kind of people listening to his podcast and guess what - there was no podcast there!!!!!

I have absolutely no idea where episode one "went", but it was gone - talk about embarrassing!!!! LOL

Anyway, everything is now fixed - and I've stopped blushing!! - so if you have ever tried to have a listen to episode one before - only to find that it wasn't there - it is now!!! LOL



  1. Hey Dean! Glad I could help, lol.

    Keep it up my friend!

    1. Thanks Ellory

      With everything that is going on with the upcoming BookPals launch, you run out of hours in the day to check everything happening in the business and it is little things like this that can leave a lasting impression on people visiting your site because one thing I have noticed with our Analytics is that people visiting our podcast are regularly going to the first episode to find out why it started in the first place.

      Anyway, episode one is sitting there again happily waiting for people to listen to it, so all good again.

      I hope things are going well with your business and I'm really looking forward to chatting with you again soon.