30 Nov 2014

Time For All That Hoop Jumping To Disappear!!

As a small business owner, think about the hoops you have had to jump through every time you've paid a visit to your bank manager asking for things like business loans, personal loans and even increases to the limit of your credit card.

All you need is a small increase in your line of credit to help drive your business forward - or to help maintain your standard of living through the "leaner times" - and when you are told how much paperwork you have to produce in order to get this finance, you start believing that you actually asked for the keys to Fort Knox!!!

What if all the records your bank manager required were little more than the click of a button away?

What if - instead of rummaging through boxes of documents trying to find your paperwork - you could give your bank manager direct access to all your financial records via the internet so that they could check everything they needed to themselves?

Well, in this BookPals Business Sanity podcast update you'll find out how - when you start using BookPals - that this is exactly what you will be able to do.

No more "hoop jumping" for money from the bank.

No more stress trying to find documentation to support your loan application.

Have a listen to this BookPals Business Sanity podcast update and then register for the BookPals launch, because BookPals really is going to make your life easier.

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