15 Nov 2014

Another Reason To Start Your Own Podcast

Those of you who have been following the BookPals rollout for some time now would know of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast.

You would also be aware that I have been "banging on" for a while now about why starting your own podcast can help attract more potential customers to your products and services.

I received an email today from the iTunes Podcast team that talks about new features that are being included in the Podcast App and after reading it, my first thought was "this is fantastic"!!

Let me share the email I received with you - and pay particular attention to what is said in the section titled iTunes Affiliate Program -

If you're saying "So what?" head on over to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast and have a look under each episode release - do you see the hyperlinked text that reads something like "Find Out More About BookPals Here"?

When you click on this hyperlinked text you will find that it goes to our contact page where you can download our free e-Book and be kept updated on the BookPals launch.

Are you still saying "So what"?

If you are, then let me explain - at the moment, approximately 10 to 12 people each day go directly to our podcast site to listen to our podcasts - and at the same time, we get between 120 to 140 feed hits per day from places like iTunes where people are subscribing to our podcasts and listening to each episode on their device of choice.

Until now, you were unable to have hyperlinked text in the overview of each podcast, but now you can - in other words, people can go directly to our contact page from their device of choice now instead of having to download the podcast - then listen to it - then decide if they want to find out more - then go to our website and/or podcast site - then click on the "Find Out More About BookPals Here" link - and then get access to our free e-Book and BookPals rollout update (I got tired just typing that!!!! LOL).

The easier you can make your "lead funnel" the more likelihood there is of leads converting to customers and this iTunes Podcast App enhancement will go a long way to improving your lead funnel - IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PODCAST!!!

So get to it - start your own podcast - register it with iTunes and help drive your business forward - and don't forget, you can learn how to create your own podcast - and advanced podcast - by signing up for Sean Kaye's training on our Resources Page (both courses are towards the bottom of our Resources Page - just look for the yellow microphones there).

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