27 Dec 2014

Christmas Is Over - Now What?

Ok, Christmas is over - all the relatives have gone home and everyone loved their presents and the meal you put on for them - you're all refreshed after the past couple of days off - then you jump online and check your bank balance.

Where has all the money gone?!!!!

How could we have spent so much money with the lead up to Christmas?

Is this a familiar story?

Well, you're not alone - many small business owners are confronted with financial stress at this time of year.

The problem is compounded because many of your customers - regardless of whether you sell to other businesses or consumers - may not be buying your products and/or services for another 4 weeks or so because they are taking time off themselves over this time of the year.

So, what are you to do?

One solution is to spend this time relationship building with potential clients.

But where do you find these people when all you hear on the social media sites is a lot of "white noise" but very little that gives you an indication of whether or not the people you are listening to could be potential buyers of your product or service.

This is exactly why BookPals Business XLerator has been created.

Instead of spending hours listening to employees rave about their holidays on the social media sites without a care in the world at this time of year (unless, of course, their employer has a "downsize" in 2015 - but that's another story!!!), join us in the BookPals Business XLerator Community and let's discuss actions and strategies to drive our businesses forward into 2015.

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