12 Dec 2014

A Most Significant Day In The BookPals Rollout!!!

11 December 2014 will go down as a most (if not the most!!) significant day in BookPals history because this is the day that the BookPals community opened up for business!!!

That's right - the BookPals Business XLerator Community is now officially open!!

The one thing that has become obvious since BookPals started is that small business owners in particular are looking for "things" that will help make their business lives easier.

That was the reason why we started BookPals in the first place - to provide small business owners with an easy to use bookkeeping and business reporting tool to collate their financial records, but what we have found during this development is that these same small business owners are trying to find places where they can have access to all manner of resources that will make running their business easier.

And this is why we have created the BookPals Business XLerator Community.

Let me give you an idea of what you will find in there -

First of all you are going to have a place where you can get away from all the noise out there in the social media channels so that you can meet likeminded business owners to talk about things that are impacting on your business and to "bounce" ideas off one another to help drive your business to greater success.

You're also going to have a place where you will be able to announce product launches to a group of people specifically interested in these kinds of launches and you won't need to be concerned that your announcement is going to get drowned out by all the banter that goes on in the public platforms.

You are also going to be able to link your announcements to product and promotional pages you have set up on your product launch - that's right, this is not one of those "closed shop" communities where everyone "whispers" away to one another and you can never get the word out about what you're doing - we want you to use BookPals Business XLerator as a means to get people focussed on business to your landing pages - and to your business promotional pages - so that you increase the chance of more business coming your way.

You are going to be able to access all the BookPals Business Sanity podcasts from directly within the XLerator Community (don't worry - they are still accessible through the usual channels as well) and you will also have access to show notes on each episode - that are not available to non-XLerator members - so that you can download them and use them as a reference guide of all the business "gems" that you get to listen to from our fantastic guests.

It gets even better - Gordon Kay of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre has provided XLerator with his Business Owner Coaching Program notes for you to download and use as a reference guide to help drive your business forward.

If you don't know Gordon from the podcast episode we did with him, he is a successful entrepreneur in his own right and has helped hundreds of business owners across a broad range of business industries create successful and profitable businesses.

You also get direct access to Gordon within the XLerator Community, because he is an XLerator member himself and can answer questions that you have on his training notes, his coaching program, or anything else about business in general.

Best of all, you also get access to the BookPals bookkeeping software when it releases in early 2015 for no extra cost to your membership.

We are working hard to make this the easiest bookkeeping software and business reporting tool you have ever seen, so to have this as part of your XLerator membership is great value.

We are confident that the XLerator Community is exactly what you are looking for if you are a business owner looking for tools and resources to make your business life easier and I would encourage you to sign and up come in to say hi because we know that you will get exceptional value for money by doing so.

I hope to speak to you inside the XLerator Community soon.

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