30 Jan 2015

There's More Than Just Job Applications Happening On LinkedIn These Days!!

Hands up if you're one of those business owners who thinks that LinkedIn is simply a place where people who are looking for a new job lodge their resumes?

If your hand is one of those that is up, you couldn't be further from the truth, but don't worry about it because there are many - many - business owners just like you out there who think exactly the same thing.

What if I told you that LinkedIn has now evolved into something much, much more than simply a place to apply for a job?

What if I told you that if you provide B2B (Business to Business) products and/or services then LinkedIn is a place that you seriously have to visit - because almost half of all key business decision makers are on LinkedIn?

What if I told you that around 300 million - that's right "Million" - people are on LinkedIn nowadays and unlike the other social media platforms out there, the whole focus of LinkedIn is business related?

Are you starting to think that perhaps LinkedIn might be a place to start checking out if you are looking for ways to drive your business to greater success?

Well, we do - and that's why on today's episode of Bookpals Business Sanity we introduce you to someone who can provide you with the strategies you need to effectively market your business on LinkedIn because on today's episode you meet Alex Pirouz of Linkfluencer.com.

Alex specializes in teaching business owners how to market their products and services using the power of LinkedIn and because BookPals Business Sanity's promise is to provide you with hints and tips to make your business life just that little bit easier, we couldn't think of a better person for you to meet to provide you with information on how to more effectively market your business on the one social media platform that has a real business focus about it.

We hope that after listening to this episode of BookPals Business Sanity you have a heap more ideas on how to drive your business to greater success.

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