4 Jan 2015

What's Really Going On Inside Your Head?

Be truthful - as a business owner, how often do you have those nagging little voices inside your head, questioning your decision to start your own business?

Should I have started this business in the first place?

Do I have what it takes to be successful in my chosen field?

Am I worthy enough to be regarded as a successful business owner?

If you think about it rationally, you're really being hard on yourself, but if you are like so many business owners out there, these thoughts go through your mind regularly and there seems to be little you can do to stop thinking this way - UNTIL NOW!!!

You would remember that the BookPals promise is to provide you with hints, tips and resources to make your business life just that little bit easier and this is why on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity we introduce you to someone who can help you get rid of these nagging little doubts, because on today's episode you meet Kris Prochaska of krisprochaska.com.

Kris specializes in teaching people how to get rid of what she calls those nagging little voices inside your head and shows you how to replace them with booming big voices that will help you drive your business to further success.

Sit back and thoroughly enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

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