11 Jan 2015

All You Financial Advisors - Here's How BookPals Helps You!!

Have you ever tried to provide a client with financial advice and when you asked this client for their financial records so that you can determine their current financial position, you have been presented with a shoebox of what can only be described as garbage?!!!!

Well, in this BookPals Business Sanity update you find out how - when this client starts using BookPals - their shoebox full of garbage very quickly turns into data that you can use to determine their current financial position - and make recommendations on how this same client can improve their current position.

As a financial advisor you should not be losing hours of your day sifting through piles of garbage to assist your clients - because this time can be better spent providing more clients with more financial advice - so check out this episode of BookPals Business Sanity to find out how you can provide your services to more clients quicker - and more efficiently. 

Oh - and by the way - remember there is an early member discount on the BookPals software for those people who join the BookPals Business XLerator Community now, so come on in and enjoy the benefits of this discount. 

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