4 Jan 2015

Right - What Were Your New Year's Resolutions?

Ok, 2015 has begun in earnest now - the Christmas celebrations are over and the New Years Eve hangover should be a thing of the past (if it isn't, you should be looking after yourself better!!! LOL) - what strategies are you going to put into place to make this year your best year in business yet?

Think about running a successful business in the same vein as you did with the lead up to those holidays you went on during the Christmas vacation period -

Did you spend time discussing where you would go with the other shareholders in your Christmas vacation - i.e. your family?

Did you plan how you were going to get there - eg. by road, sea and/or air?

If you travelled by road, did you work out how far it was between fuel stops to ensure you had enough fuel for the journey?

Did you book your accommodation in advance to ensure you and your family were not stuck with sleeping in your car when you arrived at your destination?

Did you work out how much your trip would cost you so you had enough money to enjoy your holiday?

In other words - did you PLAN your holiday?

Ok, so if this much planning has gone into the two week vacation you have just been on, how much planning have you made for your business success into 2015?

If your answer is "I haven't really thought about it yet", then now is the time to start working out strategies to drive your business forward.

And this is why we opened the BookPals Business XLerator Community just before Christmas - so it was there, ready for you as soon as you returned from your holidays.

BookPals Business XLerator provides you with the hints, tips and resources you need to make your business more successful in 2015 - and best of all, you will find likeminded business owners in the XLerator Community who are there to help you when you have questions about successfully running your business.

Join us at BookPals Business XLerator now and together lets drive our businesses to further success.

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