28 Feb 2015

I Bet You Never Thought This Would Be A Lead Source!!!

I tell you what - talk about "burning the midnight oil" for the past couple of days, but Gee it's been worth it!!

Two days ago I interviewed Maria De Ionno of Dyslexia and Reading Solutions on the topic of Dyslexia and an associated condition called Irlen Syndrome.

Maria is a BookPals Business XLerator member and our podcast discussion was originally arranged to help her promote an upcoming conference that she is involved with in April of 2015.

The subject of Dyslexia has always interested me because I know of many successful people - business owners, actors, entertainers, etc. - who are known to be dyslexic and - due to my limited understanding of what Dyslexia actually is (until now anyway!!) - it has always intrigued me how people who "can't read properly" were able to achieve the levels of success that these known dyslexics had.

Well, I must say, after this podcast interview with Maria, not only did I gain a much better understanding of what Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome and other associated conditions actually are, but my head almost "exploded" from a business perspective because of the number of opportunities I could see when you begin to better understand these conditions.

I promised Maria that I would get this episode out to you as soon as possible because the upcoming conference is getting closer and closer each day, but once I realised how many opportunities are available for business owners who hear this episode - and then attend the upcoming conference - I literally went into "overdrive" to get it out to you as soon as possible - and 48 hours later, here is the podcast interview for you to enjoy.

Grab a pen and paper - sit back and listen closely - then start formulating new ideas on how to turn the information provided in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity into the beginning of a profitable new lead source.

22 Feb 2015

Isn't It Fascinating Where Your Business Ideas Come From?

As business owners and entrepreneurs doesn't it "do your head in" at times about where the inspiration for new business ideas come from?!!

I was thinking about my Dad today and something he said to me a long time ago (cancer "got him" at the ripe old age of 62 back in 1992) and it gave me a wonderful idea for the BookPals Business XLerator community.

Dad was a small business owner - he ran his own hairdressing business for around 40 years - and one day I asked him how was it that he seemed to always be busy when I had never seen him advertise his hairdressing services - EVER!!

There was never an advertisement taken out in the local paper (remember he started his business back in the 1950's) - he didn't have his business advertised in the phone book - in fact the only "advertising" I ever saw him do was have the words "Hairdresser" sign written across the top of the window on the front of his shop!!

When I asked him this question he just smiled and said "Mate, I'm really technical about this advertising "stuff" - I make sure I keep up to date with all the latest styles in hairdressing so that when I cut people's hair they get the best haircut ever - then they tell all their friends - who tell all their friends - who tell all their friends - and they all come to me to get their haircut!!!!"

Just to give you an idea of how good this strategy was, 6 years after Dad died, Mum - who kept the shop's phone number after the shop was sold (we lived behind the shop) - was still getting phone calls from travelling salesmen who had not been around our area for years because they had been travelling to different parts of Australia and were now "back in town" and wanted to get their hair cut by Dad - only to find that his shop was shut.

Here's the best part - when they were told that Dad had died, some would actually ask Mum if she could recommend a hairdresser that was still around to cut their hair - this was how well regarded Dad's service was - if his wife recommended someone else after he had died then they must be good!!!

Anyway, for some reason this conversation I had with Dad all those years ago "got into my head" today and I then started thinking about this conversation in the context of BookPals Business XLerator.

If you've been inside XLerator you will know that there's a section called Tell Us About You And Your Business where you can let all the other XLerator members know what you do and how good you do it.

We have now created a new area called Xlerator Member Testimonials where you can rave about the products and/or services of other XLerator members if you have had a wonderful experience with products or services that have been provided by another XLerator member.

I don't know about you, but I tend to put a good deal more credence on the word of customers when they are bragging about a business, so if you have a great experience with another XLerator member, let us all know about it in the XLerator Member Testimonial's section of the community.

If you're already an Xlerator member who has testimonials about how good your product or service is up on your website, upload a copy of these testimonials into XLerator so that other members can find out how good you are.

Hey, what about asking the people who provided you with the testimonial to come in to Xlerator themselves - perhaps there are others in here that can also provide them with a quality product or service.

Either way, get your testimonials into XLerator so that we can find out more about you and help drive your business forward.

18 Feb 2015

It Appears That People Are Looking For A Place Like XLerator

Well, I must say that I am most happy with how people have embraced our new XLerator Community.

The doors have been open for a week now and already we have over a dozen people in there discussing the dynamics of running their businesses.

Some of them you already know from the BookPals Business Sanity podcast - people like Laura De Lacy of Cyberstart Tradie, Sean Kaye from Rapid Action Central and Gordon Kay of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre - and there are also people in there like the Director of the largest bookkeeping institute in Australia, outsourcing professionals, people that provide IT services and even a person who provides services to help people with Dyslexia.

So - what's stopping you from coming in and checking out XLerator?

There are resources, tools and tips in there to help you with the dynamics of running your business - and now there are some wonderful business discussions in there that are beginning to develop as well - so come in and say hi.

It costs you nothing to join XLerator, so what have you got to lose?

17 Feb 2015

What's The Link Between A 1979 Gang War Movie And Business Today?

I watched a movie the other night that I had not seen in 30 years and there was a comment made in it that really made me think about running a small business today.

The movie is called The Warriors and is based around a gang of the same name that end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and has everyone from the police to every other gang in the city of New York tracking them down because they are falsely accused of killing the leader of the biggest gang in the city.

If you get the chance, check the movie out - it really is a "fun watch" that ends with a fantastic song called In The City by Joe Walsh of The Eagles fame, but I digress - let me tell you why this movie has parallels to running a small business.

At the beginning of the movie all the gangs of New York are called to a meeting by a guy called Cyrus who is the leader of the biggest gang in the city called the Gramercy Riffs.

Cyrus has come up with this plan of taking over New York by getting all the gangs to band together and form a united front against the police because the gang numbers far outweigh the number of "cops" in the city.

During his speech to all the gangs, Cyrus makes a statement that I think is so relevant to running a small business today - let me share part of his speech with you (I'm paraphrasing) -

"For too long we have fought for our own little piece of ground - our little piece of turf - that's crap brothers".

Have a think about this statement in the context of running your own business -

Do you have a business nearby who you currently class as a "competitor" that you could actually form a joint partnership with?

Do you try and place yourself "above" businesses in the same market as you when you could be collaborating with these same businesses for a larger piece of the business "pie"?

Does forming a strategic alliance with someone who covers your "shortcomings" in business mean that both of you could dominate your chosen market?

There's an old saying - "50% of something is always better than 100% of nothing" - think about this saying the next time you are trying to "out do" your competitors - the 50% you get from forming strong partnerships with other business owners could end up much - much - more than the 100% you get when you try and do everything yourself.

Why am I making a point of this?

This is exactly why the BookPals Business XLerator Community has been created - so that business owners can meet, learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses and combine their "little pieces of turf" so that everyone gets a "piece of the business pie".

Join us in XLerator - and let's form our own powerful "gang"!!!

14 Feb 2015

Come On - You Really Do Want To Write That "Best Seller" Don't You?!!!

How many times have you heard the saying that the best business card you can ever create is your very own book?

Hey, even if you don't want to write your own book, how many times have you been doing a job at someone's address - or selling your product to someone in your business - and the person you have been talking to has said "Gee, I wish I could do what you do"?

Would this same person buy a DIY book on what you do from you?

Would this same person buy an instruction manual on what you do from you?

And if they would, how many people would they tell about your DIY book - or your instruction manual - and how many of these people would also buy it?

The end result - you get paid for doing what you do best - without even doing it?!!!!

This is why on today's episode of BookPals Business Sanity we asked Karen Lynn Maher of LegacyOneAuthors.com to have a chat with us, because Karen teaches people how to write compelling copy that entices people to find out more about their product or service.

Karen steps you through the art of creating effective copy - whether it be in the form of a book, manual, or even an online social media post - and once you hear Karen's process of how to write effective copy you will very quickly understand the power that effective copy has on driving your business to greater success.

Sit back and thoroughly enjoy this episode of BookPals Business Sanity.

11 Feb 2015

Cause It's Just The Right Thing To Do!!!

To say that today is one of those days that we will look back on and say "Yep, we did the right thing" is a pretty fair description of how today panned out.

Why? - because today is the day where we decided to get rid of the subscription fee from the BookPals Business XLerator community.

That's right, from today on, you can become an XLerator member absolutely free of charge!!

"Why?" I hear you ask.

The answer to that is really simple - we are working like mad to get the BookPals bookkeeping and business reporting software ready for you and soon as it's ready to go we will be asking for you to check it out for us and let us know what's right about it - what's wrong about it - and provide us with suggestions on what we can do to improve it.

In other words, we'll be asking a favour of you - and one good turn deserves another - so this is why we want to give you free access to XLerator now and provide you with the tools and resources to help you with your business as a kind of "thank you in advance" for when we ask you to critique our software.

A quick reminder about what you'll get when you come into XLerator -

  • A community of likeminded business owners helping each other with the dynamics of running their businesses.
  • BookPals Business Shout Outs, where you can let other community members know about events you are holding and products you are launching without being drowned out by all of the "noise" inside the social media channels.
  • BookPals Business Success Stories where you can tell community members what you're really good at (who knows - what you're really good at could be just what another community member needs to help drive their business to further success). 
  • The training notes from Gordon Kay's Business Owners Coaching Program - if you haven't heard of Gordon, he is a successful entrepreneur who has taken businesses from start up to exit and has helped hundreds of business owners across a broad range of business categories take their businesses to greater levels of success. 
  • Downloadable show notes of all the BookPals Business Sanity podcast interviews so that you can use these shows notes as a reference guide to drive your business forward.
  • A variety of other downloadable reference material - which is being constantly added to - to help you drive your business to further success. 

And the cost to you for all these resources is now ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA!!!!! 

Come on in to XLerator and say hi - we know you'll benefit from the resources and discussions in there and now it costs nothing to join, what have you got to lose?

6 Feb 2015

Have You Ever Heard Of Irlen Syndrome Before?

You know the old saying about how it is really important to learn something new every day for continual personal growth?

Well, I have been speaking with the newest member of BookPals Business XLerator over the past couple of days and have heard about a condition that I have never heard of before which is absolutely fascinating. 

The condition is called Irlen Syndrome

Maria DeIonno runs a business in South Australia called Dyslexia And Reading Solutions and I am in the process of getting her on the BookPals Business Sanity podcast to talk about this much misunderstood topic. 

While we have been speaking, Maria has informed me about an upcoming conference which is being held in Adelaide South Australia in April 2015 where the discussion is based around a condition loosely related to Dyslexia called Irlen Syndrome

I know if I start trying to explain what Irlen Syndrome is I'll muck it up, so here is a link to the General Information Booklet that Maria has provided me on this condition - have a read of it because after I did, I immediately thought of three people I know who may benefit by knowing about this condition - and attending the conference. 

Thanks so much for providing this information Maria and - as a total aside - this is a wonderful example of the types of discussions that are going on inside BookPals Business XLerator, so if you are looking for somewhere that is focussing on information that can help you and people you know - not simply a place where people "flog their wares" - perhaps the XLerator Community is worth checking out.

4 Feb 2015

Time To Start Using LinkedIn More Effectively

You would remember a couple of days ago that I released a BookPals Business Sanity podcast episode where I interviewed Alex Pirouz from Linkfluencer.com.

Alex is holding a free webinar in about a week's time and if - after listening to my chat with Alex - you think that LinkedIn is a place where you could connect with more potential clients, I wanted you to know about this upcoming webinar because this kind of training doesn't come along every day.

I have sent out an email to people that I think will benefit from the webinar and I wanted to share that same email with you here so that you also get the opportunity to what Alex has to say about LinkedIn and how it can help your business.

Here's the email -

Subject: Are you as Frustrated as I am About LinkedIn?

Hi there,

I joined LinkedIn a few years back after a friend of mine told me about it.

Since then I’ve joined groups, updated my profile and connected with
people here and there sporadically. 

But I’ve never generated any serious business from LinkedIn? 

How about you?

I always thought LinkedIn was just a networking tool to keep in touch with
business contacts, associates, past colleagues etc.

But all of this changed, when I connected with an entrepreneur by the name of Alex Pirouz (founder of Linkfluencer).

Over the coming weeks as we got talking, I was telling Alex about my business and how I was looking for ways to get our message out there.

In one of our conversations he broke down for me a 3-step process he has
successfully used in a few of his businesses over the past couple of years to:

- Build a network of 310 contacts in the media and get featured in over
60 media publications without sending out a single press release

- Secure joint venture partnerships helping him grow one of his businesses
by over 328% with very little spent on advertising or marketing

- Generate millions of dollars in revenue for himself and his clients across 14  different industries in little over 2 years

And much more .............

After hearing this, naturally I was quite sceptical so I decided to do a bit of
research on him. 

And by the looks of it, everything stacked up. 

Just Google him!! 

To share his knowledge with other business owners, so they too can start
using LinkedIn more effectively, Alex is holding a FREE upcoming webinar where
he will be breaking down this process step by step.

To claim your FREE spot for the Webinar simply click on the link below:

Register Me For The Upcoming Webinar Now

I've personally sat through one of his webinars and because I was so impressed with the value he provides on the session I've decided to share it with you and my entire network. 

Speak soon

P.S By the way Linkfluencer was recently recognized by Huffington Post & Inc
Magazine as the: "The World's Leading Online Community For LinkedIn

There you have it - what do you think?

It doesn't cost anything to attend, so what have you got to lose?