28 Feb 2015

I Bet You Never Thought This Would Be A Lead Source!!!

I tell you what - talk about "burning the midnight oil" for the past couple of days, but Gee it's been worth it!!

Two days ago I interviewed Maria De Ionno of Dyslexia and Reading Solutions on the topic of Dyslexia and an associated condition called Irlen Syndrome.

Maria is a BookPals Business XLerator member and our podcast discussion was originally arranged to help her promote an upcoming conference that she is involved with in April of 2015.

The subject of Dyslexia has always interested me because I know of many successful people - business owners, actors, entertainers, etc. - who are known to be dyslexic and - due to my limited understanding of what Dyslexia actually is (until now anyway!!) - it has always intrigued me how people who "can't read properly" were able to achieve the levels of success that these known dyslexics had.

Well, I must say, after this podcast interview with Maria, not only did I gain a much better understanding of what Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome and other associated conditions actually are, but my head almost "exploded" from a business perspective because of the number of opportunities I could see when you begin to better understand these conditions.

I promised Maria that I would get this episode out to you as soon as possible because the upcoming conference is getting closer and closer each day, but once I realised how many opportunities are available for business owners who hear this episode - and then attend the upcoming conference - I literally went into "overdrive" to get it out to you as soon as possible - and 48 hours later, here is the podcast interview for you to enjoy.

Grab a pen and paper - sit back and listen closely - then start formulating new ideas on how to turn the information provided in this episode of BookPals Business Sanity into the beginning of a profitable new lead source.

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